Sahathai Pathanaphant Co.,Ltd. is Thailand's leading distributor and manufacturer of textile and apparel lines of products plus a wide range of mass consumer products serving Thai consumers nationwide.

For nearly half a century, the company has served the Thai market in providing a broad range of premium quality products which have been trusted and accepted as a market leader in the corresponding industry. The products include:

  • Carson textile & apparel product lines: Carson socks, Carson men's T shirt & Underwear, Carson Towel, and many other products under Carson brand in this category.
  • Swan mosquito coil: Thailand's first-ever mosquito repellent product that has remained the most trusted brand for well over 40 years.
  • Cosmetic line: UB whitening pearl cream, UB Ginsara cream, Amour skin care cream, and etc.
  • Attipas toddler shoes
  • Bosisto‚Äôs (parrot brand) eucaliptas oil air freshener
  • Other products in our portfolio, to name a few, are Chick T-shirt, Winchester Flashlight, Penacillin Hair Styling Cream, Lion Deep Tone Hair Color.

Company Mission

To serve the consumers with the high-quality, yet affordable everyday products that help make their daily life a smooth and worry-free one.

Company Vision

To be the trusted leader in providing premium quality, consumer-centric products at an affordable price to the customers both in Thailand and overseas.